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townbooksGive Your Town Treasured Memories

Whether you are in the suburban town adjacent to a major metropolitan area or an independent community proud of its heritage and history, the members of your town have memories that date back many years, possibly even to its founding.

Towns, like people, have souls, and nothing means more to your neighbor than a book that salutes your town and its people, stores, industry, churches, schools, police, and even its sanitation department.  A book of Treasured Memories is a keepsake that will keep on giving you and your family pleasures for years to come. Nothing is more suited to your town than a book that offers neighbors their history in a magnificent, hard cover book in full color. It offers a permanent nostalgia of Treasured Memories.

Best of all, there are possibilities of having such a book without cost and obtain a small profit for your undertaking.  We at Professional Press have been producing books for nearly thirty years. We can produce one for your town. Based on the advertising support we obtain, it may just be enough to pay for the production and even provide your office with a modest profit that can be used in ways that encourage growth of your town.

For more information, call us at 1-800-277-8960. We will explain how we work and what can do to help you develop a book of Treasured Memories for your town.

Tyler Madison
Vice President Professional Press, Town Books Division

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Plan Your Special Town’s Anniversary Book Now!

It takes a year to two years to properly plan, write, prepare and publish your town’s anniversary book.

So if you are planning to celebrate your tenth, twentieth, 25th or 50th or Centennial Anniversary, planning ahead is critical for the best result. Your plan should begin now for anniversary books that will be published in one to three years ahead. The more planning you do, the better the end result. If your anniversary issue celebrates its 30th or 50th anniversary, we need to use archival photos that reflect what your town was in the older days and compare it to what it is today.

This creates a feeling of growth, inspiration and reflection that sustains many old-timers who remember those “good old days.”  For new neighbors and new industry, it reveals a steady growth of a town that has been through many societal problems and has managed to retain its refreshing nature though those dark as well as happier days.

By showing the bad and the good, the town book becomes a permanent celebration of our forefathers and those folks, now no longer with us, who gave the town its character.