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Radio Interview

Can you talk about your book?

Would you be willing to be interviewed by a radio talk show host?

We'll get you radio interviews to help sell your book!

You need exposure to sell your book.

Nothing beats

An Interview on Radio!

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Now sell yourself & your book through TalkRadio...America's Newsletter for Talk Show Hosts and Program Directors

Dina Baganz and Dr. Jerry Aiello shown during their radio talk show. Both host the first martial arts show ever presented on radio.

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Professional Press designed, printed and publicized these books.





Now Promote Yourself and Your Book on Radio and Television

The Market:
Over 1,000 of America's top radio and television talk show hosts and program directors. Every radio and television talk show host is looking for a new exciting guest. Can it be you? Radio hookups to your home telephone are standard. Even television interviews can be made through hookups with your station affiliates located in your area.

The most successful authors obtaining interviews are not necessarily famous politicians, entertainers or academicians. These folks get first call because they have powerful networks of publicists working for them. Now you can enjoy a powerful newsletter that goes directly to every talk show host.

These hosts seek controversial subjects, but will be interested in interviewing people who can articulate a different experience, or a set of ideas from the mainstream, and who can answer questions by callers. There are no final criteria for any author to meet. But the bottom line is always the same. Talk show hosts want to interview people who can increase their listener ratings.

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