On-Demand Pricing

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How many printers will give your prices in advance?

We can because we print your book!

On-Demand Printing is a relatively inexpensive and safe way to produce each book and sell it before obtaining more books. Each book may cost a little more, but you still make a profit on each sale. When ready, you can order 100 to 250 and 1,000 and see how your total unit cost drops substantially.

You can collect all the royalties as publisher and author. If you used a publishing house, you would only receive 6% to 8% royalty on books sold. And if they do not sell, you receive nothing.

On-Demand Printing is for developing soft cover books. When you have reached a suitable quantity, you can change to a hard cover book. When that occurs, we obtain a Cataloging-in-Publication number for you. This is essential. A library will not buy your book unless you have the copyright forms that are required under the Dewey Decimal system. And libraries generally only purchase hard cover books.

We can develop your website to help you promote your book and yourself. See our marketing plans for details.

We offer special prices for those who only want a small amount of books.
Starting at only $331 for a 56-page book.

Page Count


Additional Books
as Ordered

64 pages plus cover
$3.56 each
96 pages plus cover
$3.83 each
128 pages plus cover
$4.10 each
136 pages plus cover
$4.87 each
144 pages plus cover
$5.36 each
152 pages plus cover
$5.76 each
160 pages plus cover
$6.10 each
176 pages plus cover
$6.37 each
184 pages plus cover
$6.56 each
192 pages plus cover
$7.03 each
208 pages plus cover
$7.35 each

All covers are in full color, based on PDF files, camera ready.
There is an additional cost for cover design and typesetting. 

For more details fill out Request for Quotation Form

Or Call Direct
800 277-8960

Prices subject to change without notice.

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