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Featured Books

From Impossible to I'm Possible
Martin E. Folan

As a 17-year-old high school senior, Marty Folan's life seemed destined for greatness, both as an athlete and as an individual. He'd recently run the fastest 10 km run of his life, finishing 15th out of 250 runners. At 5'10" tall, with explosive leg power, he could easily slam-dunk a basketball. He captained a church softball team that was aiming for its third consecutive championship. Then it all ended. Cycling hard in a workout one day, Marty took a tight corner and was crushed by an oncoming Jeep. He had carried no identification, so it took his family until the next day to find him„in a coma with a dozen broken bones, nearly dead. But not only did Marty survive, he triumphed! Unable to walk, talk or think for a year and a half, Marty later struggled for years with the demons of loneliness, despair, the temptation of suicide, and depression from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Strengthened by his born-again experience as a Catholic, he defied staggering odds and attained achievements any person might envy: he returned to running races, became a successful writer, skydived, married and had a family, and became a minister. A source of motivation for anyone who faces obstacles in life, From Impossible to I'm Possible is a deeply inspirational/spiritual story. In vivid detail and brutal honesty, Marty relates this a moving account of a resurrection experience.

Martin E. Folan
152 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-416-6
Price: $10.95
1002 John Street Joliet IL 60435
(815) 723-6235

What I Need to Know About Living...
I Learned from My Dogs

H. D. Johns

H.D. Johns offers some insights into life that he's learned from observing and interacting with dogs he's owned. In a study of the behavior of his dogs, Johns has found new ways to look at human behavior in areas such as making mistakes, enjoying small pleasures, praise and punishment, and unconditional love. A psychologist for the past thirty years, Johns presents a different view of life on earth„through the eyes of his dogs„and how we can learn from it.

"H.D. Johns brings a keen wit to the subject of human and canine behaviors. He shows us that we can recapture spontaneity and creativity in our lives by simply taking a cue from our pets."
-John Rennick, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist Hartshorn Health Service, Colorado State U.

H.D. Johns holds a master's degree from the Lliff School of Theology and a doctorate in psychology/counseling from International College. He is a retired chaplain for the U.S. Navy. A student of anger and anger-management, he has conducted anger-management workshops throughout the United States and Europe for the past twenty years.


H.D. Johns
160 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-438-7
Price: $12.95
4520 Morgal St.
Rockville MD 20853
(301) 460-1290

Silent Journey:
Life Within a Deaf Family

Peg Strenkowski

As Margaret Strenkowski lay in a hospice facility taking her last few breaths of life, her daughter thought, "Dear Lord, she will finally in the afterlife be free to speak and hear and to see with both eyes." Maggie had survived spinal meningitis as an infant, but it left her deaf and blind in one eye. She didn't see the inside of a school classroom until she was nine, but had life been unfair to her? A strong-willed survivor, she married a man who had also been deaf since childhood, and together they raised a family of three hearing children. When her husband of 43 years died, Maggie displayed a spirited independence that left an indelible imprint on the lives of everyone who came in contact with her. Silent Journey: Life Within a Deaf Family is a poignant, uplifting story that begins in the 1900s, when the handicapped were derided and formal education for the deaf was controversial. Maggie, however, developed a strong will to learn, a sense of competitiveness, and a dedicated spirit. Her productive life„from her illness, growing through adolescence, into marriage, parenthood and grandparenthood„was also joyful and inspirational. Peg Strenkowski, Maggie's daughter, is a natural storyteller with a mother lode of family yarns. Her book makes a useful contribution to the literature of deafness.

Life Within a Deaf Family

Peg Strenkowksi
138 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-467-0
Price: $12.95
645 Sawgrass Road
Hampstead NC 28443
(910) 270-0988

Change Is a Choice
Don Doyle, D.Min., Ph.D.

From the beginning of civilization, storytelling has been one of the most revered forms of communication. Every country, race, religion, and family has a body of history, tradition, wisdom, and truth that is preserved through stories. For most of the 20th century, storytelling in American culture focused primarily on children. But in recent years, adult storybooks and adult storytellers have emerged in mass numbrs. Change Is a Choice is a collage of short stories - in storytelling form - about common people who made uncommon choices and changed their lives. Blending his professional life as a therapist and minister with his personal life as a husband and father, Dr. Doyle's stories are filled with psychological wisdom, germane sight, practicial counsel, and stimulating inspiration. His personal hypothesis, "Too many people take life much too seriously, "provides such people with an opportunity to change some old habits. In fact, Dr. Doyle's rare ability to integrate authentic truth with genuine wit is the dimension that sets him apart as a storyteller. That mastery is clearly confirmed in Change Is a Choice.

Common People Who Made Uncommon Choices

Don Doyle, D.Min., Ph.D.
176 pages, hardbound
ISBN 1-57087-415-8
Price: $19.95
ASA House Books
110 Timber Creek Drive
Memphis, TN 38018
(901) 757-2347

Featured Books

Thoughts to Chase the Blues

Sarah Andrews-Stark

ISBN: 1-57087-159-0

Price: $8.00

The Nature of Aesthetics

Chris Angle

ISBN: 1-57087-155-8

Price: $9.95

Intended Brides: Wed and Unwed

Don C. Behrhorst

ISBN: 1-880365-21-9

Price: $9.95

The Impossible Dream

Sharon Gail Bernardik

ISBN: 1-57087-144-2

Price: $8.00

100 Bible Studies You Need
Elmer C. Brown
ISBN: 0-9661986-1-1
Price: $24.95

Odyssey of the Apocalypse

Elizabeth MacDonald Burrows

ISBN: 1-57087-091-8

Price: $29.95

Knocking at the Gate of Life
Dr. Ta-hung Cho
ISBN: 1-57087-331-3
Price: $19.95
Windows of Perception
Anthony O. Constantino
ISBN: 1-880365-42-1
Price $4.95

Argument with an Angel

Jan Cooper

ISBN: 1-880365-65-0

Price: $15.95

Kalyan Kumar De
ISBN: 1-57087-030-6
Price: $9.95
Coming Together
Steve Dekanich
ISBN: 1-57087-201-5
Price: $7.95

The Care Messages

Mike El

ISBN: 1-57087-065-9

Price: $6.00

Roses to Elvis: Thoughts & Poems

Gail Giorgio

ISBN: 1-57087-004-7

Price: $14.95

S/HE Created Them

Noami Gruetz

ISBN: 1-880365-46-4

Price: $9.95

J.N. Darbys Teaching... Dispensations...

R.A. Huebner

ISBN: 1-57087-012-8

Price: $10.00

One Message, Many Messengers

Bob Jurgen

ISBN: 1-880365-28-6

Price: $8.95

Gospel of Grace

Rev. B.G. Leonard

ISBN: 1-57087-313-5

Price: $19.99

First Love

Rev. Norris C. Manley

ISBN: 1-880365-44-8

Price: $15.00

The Sierraville Experience

Dave Massey

ISBN: 1-57087-212-0

Price: $21.95

You Never Die

Charles Maytheni

ISBN: 1-57087-235-x

Price: $16.95

Optimistic Thinking
Rob McCarter
ISBN: 1-57087-073-x
Price: $9.95
Life is Good!
Rob McCarter
ISBN: 1-57087-417-4
Price: $11.95

Treasury of Inspirational Thoughts

E.C. McGraw, compiler

ISBN: 1-880365-25-x

Price: $10.00


Irma Myers

ISBN: 1-880365-29-4

Price: $15.95

Whisper in the Reign

Christopher Patterson

ISBN: 1-880365-78-2

Price: $10.00

In Her Own Time

Arlene Seaford

ISBN: 1-880365-07-7

Price: $11.95

Homo Sapiens: Evolve or Perish

George Soli

ISBN: 0-9621220-1-7

Price: $9.95

God's Little Lamb "I Am"
Janice Janell Tucker
ISBN: 1-57087-245-7
Price: $9.95
From the Cradle to the Grave by Way of the Cross
Janice Janell Tucker
ISBN: 1-57087-170-1
Price: $17.95

Abortion: Definitive Moral Answer

Mark A. Ward

ISBN: 1-880365-69-3

Price: $10.00

Neo Phariseeism

David M. Wasmundt

ISBN: 1-880365-22-7

Price: $9.95

Meditation Breakthrough for the Western World

Dr. Ralph White

ISBN: 0-9651085-0-3

Price: $13.95

Then Comes the Dawn

Dorotha J. Williamson

ISBN: 1-57087-333-X

Price: $12.00

Sex and Matriarchy

Victor Woodhull

ISBN: 0-9643190-0-4

Price: $12.95

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