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M.C. Campbell

ISBN: 1-880365-50-2

Price: $6.00

Magical Tales About Willie the Wizard

Urban R. Coombs

ISBN: 1-57087-081-0

Price: $12.95

Answers to Questions..., Book 1

Marty Holten

ISBN: 1-880365-83-9

Price: $14.95

Answers to Questions..., Book 2

Marty Holten

ISBN: 1-880365-84-7

Price: $14.95

Gulla Island

John Hutton

ISBN: 1-882534-00-x

Price: $9.50

Childhood Capers

Helen M. Saville

ISBN: 1-57087-005-5

Price: $4.95

The Caboose Tenants

Adeline L. Levin-Kite

ISBN: 1-9654486-0-6

Price: $6.95

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