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Featured Books

Salt and Pepper, Vinegar Hot
Vivian Adams

As tiny children, Vivian Adams and her brother were sent from a narrow life of poverty with their parents in Manhattan to be raised by their grandparents near Columbia, South Carolina. Grandma and Grandpa didn't have much money either, but they had room to play and ample love for children. Salt and Pepper, Vinegar Hot, named for a jump-rope rhyme, relates the story of Adams' simple and happy growing-up years. Grandpa could build or fix anything, and Grandma could treat just about any ill with herbal teas. Vivian and her brother had few toys, but lots of aptitude for mischief, which they got into with their cousin. Her book is a warm and funny tale of childhood so full of love and safety that it carried her into a professional career and a loving family of her own. Vivian Adams is a registered nurse, and a member of the National Business Women's Association and National Nurses' Association. Though she has worked in several states, she prefers to live near her childhood home in Columbia, South Carolina.

Vivian Adams
88 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-358-5
Price: $7.95
PO Box 4457
Columbia, SC 29240
(803) 754-2354

The Evil Millionaire & the Wicked War Bride
Donald J. Delaney

The Evil Millionaire and the Wicked War Bride is an autobiographical account of the relationship and marriage of an American soldier to a Japanese woman during the Allied Occupation of Japan following World War II. It chronicles the courtship, marriage, and life in the United States of Donald J. Delaney and his wife, Sumie, a woman with a shady past. Though it begins with love and optimism, the relationship soon takes a turn into a series of difficult emotional trials. The lovely Sumie, who charmed Delaney's family in Colorado, was deeply unhappy in the United States. She was depressed, she spent evenings on her own, and she made three suicide attempts, two of which occurred after Delaney was re-assigned to Japan. The marriage broke irrevocably when Sumie began an affair in Omaha with a wealthy horse breeder, a millionaire who could offer her much more than an enlisted soldier. Delaney sued the millionaire, whose lawyers tricked the unlucky husband into a false reconciliation with Sumie in order to thwart the lawsuit for alienation of affection. She was granted an uncontested divorce, and she married the "evil millionaire." She lives a leisurely life of wealth and ease, with apparently no thought for her first, devoted husband.

Donald J. Delaney
144 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-463-8
Price: $12.95
31825 49 Terrace SW B204
Federal Way WA 98023
(253) 838-9452

Three Wars and Rusty Muskets
W.D. Gardiner

Having won independence for the colonies from the British, members of General George Washington's tiny, proud army placed their muskets and powderhorns over the mantelpiece and went back to work as shopkeepers, farmers and businessmen. They assumed there would be no more wars, thinking their fight for independence would free them from conflict. Unfortunately they were wrong. Colonel W.D. Gardiner reviews this recurring "Stack arms!" syndrome in a thoughtful, firsthand account of the military in peacetime and at war during his 31 years in the U.S. Army. Because of his personal experience at all levels, his account has the depth of understanding of the military that only those directly involved can completely comprehend. It is an important book because it shows the orientation and discipline of our military and its successes and failures during several wars - World War II and Vietnam, the Korean conflict, and various military events since then. Colonel Gardiner's message is clear and unequivocal: Maintain eternal vigilance and a strong military position. This is the price we must pay if we are to achieve the luxury of staying out of war. We cannot be caught unprepared for battle. To this, he adds the stern warning based on his experience in Vietnam: "Don't ever lose a war!"

W.D. Gardiner
270 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57086-459-X
Price: $12.95 + $1.13 s&h
2432 London Circle
Medford OR 97504
(541) 773-2901

Triumph on 1240
Richard Humphreys

On the night of November 27, 1950, in darkness, howling winds and subzero temperatures, a company of U.S. Marines defended their positions on an unremarkable hilltop in Korea against an onslaught of uncountable Chinese communist troops. Though little known by the general public, it was one of the fiercest small-arms fights in recorded military history. The courage of the men of Dog Company of the 2d Battalion, 7th Marines enabled them to hold Hill 1240. They fought through the night - sometimes in hand-to-hand combat - without reinforcements or communication to call for air or artillery support. Their valiant defense prevented hundreds of thousands of Chinese from pouring into the valley of Yudam-ni to attack regimental Marine headquarters. It was essential that they hold Hill 1240 - and they did. Triumph on 1240 is a shining example of what it means to be a Marine. Colonel Richard Humphreys' active military service began with his enlistment as a private in the U.S. Marine Corps on December 14, 1942, and ended with his retirement on April 30, 1970, as a Colonel of Marines on duty as the Director of Legislative Plans and Coordination, Office of the Secretary of Defense. He joined the 2d Battalion, 7th Marines in Korea on December 6, 1950 and was Platoon Commander of the 3d Platoon and later company Executive Officer until June 6, 1951, when he was wounded and evacuated to a hospital in Japan.

R.D. Humphreys
274 pages, hard cover
ISBN 1-57087-385-2
Price: $23.95
1263 Forsyth Place
East Liverpool OH 43920
(330) 385-1388

Too Much, Too Long... An Elegy
George Victor Coelho

George Victor Coelho wrote Too Much, Too Long... as an elegy for a beloved friend. Her presence in his life and her untimely departure prompted in him a quest for meaning that he sought in travels in India, Europe and America. Illustrated with photographs of the places he mentions, this volume traces the emotional journey Coelho makes. He sought peace and understanding, and seems to have found it before his death in 1999. From Too Much, Too Long... And when I stopped at Kashmir's Burzil Pass, at fifteen thousand feet above sea level, I watched my breath unearthly curl around my face. I glimpsed from that unclouded mountain range dawn lifting Nanga Parbhat's naked peak" twenty-six thousand six hundred and eighty feet! There and then I fell down on my knees and wept, blinded by the white and windless infinitude of ice. Born in Bombay, India, Coelho graduated from St. Xavier's College, Bombay, and London University. He received a doctoral degree from Harvard University. He taught psychology at Haverford College, worked for UNESCO in Paris, and completed a long and distinguished career at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

George Victor Coelho
84 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-485-9
Price: $7
Ignatius Menenzes
9313 Talisman Dr.
Vienna VA 22182
(703) 938-1652

Women Recall the War Years
Memories of World War II

Edited by George L. McDermott
Much of the literature about World War II focuses on the work and deeds of men - battles won and lost, impressive industrial production, and bumper crops produced and distributed. This book is about women who, through their first-person accounts, provide glimpses into their lives as they met the challenges of wartime. Thirty-six women, both American and European, most now in their seventies and beyond, recall those turbulent times. This collection of mini-memoirs illustrates the great diversity of women's roles in wartime. None of these women are famous, or even known outside their communities. They were ordinary women forced by war into extraordinary circumstances. George McDermott, an emeritus professor of geography at the State University of New York at Cortland, became fascinated by women's stories of their experiences during World War II. This is a remarkable collection of memoirs by women who were in the U.S. military services, Army Special Services, Nurse Corps, USO, Red Cross, and the German army. Some were wives of servicemen, college students, office and defense workers; one contributor was a Japanese-American internee. Dr. McDermott is the author of From the Prairie to the Mountains. He lives in Western North Carolina.

Memories of World War II
George L. McDermott, editor
ISBN 1-57087-460-3
Price: $16.00
13 Tludatsi Court
Brevard NC 28712
(828) 884-2561

It Didn't Happen on My Watch
George E. Murphy
George Murphy's It Didn't Happen on My Watch is 50 percent autobiographical, 50 percent sea stories, and 100 percent entertaining. Murphy, a retired chief engineer for a major steamship company, writes from the unique, down-under perspective of the engine room. His exciting career of more than 40 years with the United States Lines spanned the steamship company's World War II Liberty ship missions, its glory years of posh passenger travel, and its slow descent into bankruptcy. He relates amusing, sometimes startling, tales that illuminate the life of a steamship engineer. Murphy doesn't stop with his own stories. The humorous, heroic or ridiculous stories of his shipmates and the many fascinating people he encountered on the seven seas are fair game as well. The famous actor who lost his pants in the first-class ballroom. The botched burial at sea that turned into an international incident. Wartime antics that will leave you wondering how we ever won the war. Murphy is eminently qualified to debunk the myth that sea captains are supreme beings aboard ship. His stories bring captains and all other crew members to life as equally responsible for the safe operation of a ship. Murphy's keen ability to spin a tale will keep readers entranced throughout It Didn't Happen on My Watch.

George E. Murphy
368 pages, hard cover
ISBN 1-884570-31-3
Price: $19.95
408 Martin Place
New Milford, NJ 07646-2416
(201) 836-8908

Conversion in Hawaii
Harold W. "Chief" Rist

Conversion in Hawaii is a memoir of a philosophical man's spiritual evolution. Born into a Lutheran family, Harold Rist became interested in ideas in Catholicism when he bunked with a Catholic friend during World War II. Conversations led to reading, debate and serious study, which led to embracing Catholicism fully at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu. His ultimate decision was not made lightly, and this memoir includes the steps he took along the way. Rist shares his impressions of Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations, as well as parts of the thought-provoking discussions and correspondence he had with various theologians and faith leaders. From Conversion in Hawaii... Conditions were a trifle strained around the house for a while after my disclosure....I knew there was no turning back for me. I had crossed the bridge and very definitely burned it behind me. I further knew it would require a greater miracle to effect a similar step on their part. Their thoughts on Catholicism, or what the had always assumed Catholicism to be, were more ingrained than mine...the Lutheran religion had been their entire life. As I visualized it, nothing was more shocking to them. Harold Rist's career as an engineer took him to work in five different countries, though he married a woman from Pennsylvania and currently resides there.

Harold W. "Chief" Rist
230 pages, hard cover
ISBN 1-57087-476-X
Price: $19.95
1505 E. Lackawanna Ave.
Olyphant PA 18447

God's Gift
Sarah Andrews-Stark

Sarah Andrews-Stark was blessed with the gift of second sight. She regards her gift as a private blessing from God and uses it only to help others. Her psychic powers are available to her only in service of God, after much prayer, or when a person is in danger. As a child, she was often punished for her visions and extrasensory knowledge by her family, who thought she was possessed by the devil. Throughout her life, Sarah has had visions come to her unbidden. She had one of a new neighbor in despair, about to take pills to kill herself. Sarah ran into her house without knocking and found just that scene. She once wrote to her mother, asking how her sister's cut hand was healing - she had "seen" it happen during her meditation. Raised in near-poverty on a West Virginia farm by an abusive, controlling father and a fearful, superstitious mother, she had to keep her beautiful gift to herself. Yet there was clearly something she was put on earth to do. One day she locked herself in the bathroom and lifted a bottle of poison to her lips. Before a drop touched her, an unseen hand slapped it away and broke the bottle. Her hand bore a bright red mark from the blow, and she promised God she would always trust him to take care of her. Sarah worked many years as a nurse in county homes and nursing homes. God's Gift is a combination of story, which reveals Sarah's remarkable gift, and poems, which express her feelings about what she is able to see and about her strong bond with God.

Sarah Andrews-Stark
84 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-484-0
Price: $10.00
19545 Shick Rd.
Defiance OH 43512
(419) 658-2107

Breaking the Family Curse

Sherry Lewis Davidson, Ph.D., MSW

A daughter's grief at the death of her mother, a legal cover-up of the cause of her death, and a 30-year pursuit of the truth are the gripping issues in this true story. A week before Christmas, 1964, Sherry Lewis Davidson, a young wife with two children, was notified that her mother had died. She hurried home to Clinton, Arkansas, to distressing news that her arthritic mother had committed suicide by shooting herself behind her ear. Sherry knew it didn't make sense. Public sentiment inclined toward believing she had been murdered by her abusive husband. But no autopsy was ordered, though state law required it, and no inquest was held. Sherry was told to "get on with life." Sustained by her Christian faith, Sherry left her own abusive husband and earned a master's degree in social work, which led her to study the emotional syndrome that she herself was suffering from. She moved with her children to California, where she earned a doctorate. Her dissertation about "survivor syndrome," in which survivors of gruesome traumas are burdened by guilt, led her to Vienna where she met Dr. Viktor Frankl and other Holocaust survivors. Sherry Davidson's pain permeates her absorbing story, as she persists with inquiries into the conspiracy to cover up her mother's murder, until she finally learns the truth after 28 years. But then, what was she to do with it?

ALCOHOLOCAUST: Breaking the Family Curse
Sherry Lewis Davidson
400 pages, softbound
ISBN 0-9673116-3-2
Price: $15.00
PO Box 1533
Barstow CA 92312
(760) 256-8075
(800) 277-8960

The 13 Year Trial
Doris S. Ramirez

This compelling book tells the complicated story of discrimination against a doctor and the judicial corruption that allowed it to continue. Dr. Hugo A. Ramirez was a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist in his native Colombia before he came to the United States in 1967 to pursue research. To do so, he had to requalify as a physician in the U.S. He did an additional internship at St. Joseph Hospital in Rhode Island, and an additional residency at Harvard-associated Cambridge City Hospital. He began practicing again in 1971, and later he settled in central Texas, where he became an American citizen. His ob-gyn practice was very successful and escalated Dr. Ramirez to a position not common for minorities in the 1980s. He established the first birthing center operated by a physician, which set new standards for safety, and at the same time he kept fees affordable. At the peak of his career, Dr. Ramirez added liposuction to his practice. He was one of a handful of obstetricians doing so, but when he began offering this service, a number of plastic surgeons, who had considered this service a lucrative specialty for them, brought him before the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners to review his license. His life was never the same, because the machinations of the clique of physicians who wanted Dr. Ramirez out of business in fact have kept him from practicing. His suit against the Board has been drawn out for 13 years - and continues today - because of corruption in the judicial system.

Doris S. Ramirez
290 pages, hard cover
ISBN 1-57087-522-7
Price: $33.95
3802 Athens
Pasadena, TX 77505
Toll Free: (877) 764-5313
Fax: (281) 487-1121

Love Knows No Distance
Nora B. Hawthorne

Nora B. Hawthorne's life has been plagued with difficulty and heartache, but she has always been able to keep her heart and mind uplifted through the love of her family and her faith in Jesus. Her autobiography, Love Knows No Distance, tells of her strong, resilient spirit through a series of life's tragedies. At the age of seven, Nora lost her sight and the fingers of her left hand in a dynamite accident. Her father moved his family so she could attend a school for blind children. She graduated with honors and later married a former school friend. Their first child was stillborn, but they had a son and daughter. All were in the car when they had a terrible accident that left her husband Hoppy unable to work. And all four were huddled together in the hallway of their home when a tornado ripped off the roof and shattered the house. Their faith helped them deal with these experiences and with the grief of losing her beloved brother and her father within a few months of each other. And Nora's emotional strength helped her through the dark days after her husband's last, fatal heart attack. Despite the number of difficulties that befell her, Nora Hawthorne's story is not maudlin. She feels deeply the losses she's had, but writes positively of the importance of faith in dealing with them. Her book is ultimately an uplifting and inspiring tale of courage in the face of calamity.

Nora B. Hawthorne
152 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-892861-03-8
Price: $16.95
PO Box 6569
625 Thornton St.
Talladega AL 35161
(256) 761-1981

Featured Books

A Davidian Testimony
Don Adair
ISBN: 1-890503-08-8
Price: $12.95
Ruwenzori: Mountains of the Moon
Dr. Syed Z. Ahmed
ISBN: 1-880365-72-3
Price: $22.00
Twilight of an Empire
Dr. Syed Z. Ahmed
ISBN: 1-57087-108-6
Price: $22.00
The Military Franchise
Akin a Akindele
ISBN: 1-880365-97-9
Price: $14.95
A Life in the Clouds
John A. Anderson
ISBN: 1-57087-206-6
Price: $19.95
Redeem Us from Virtue
Allen A. Baldwin
ISBN: 1-880365-36-7
Price: $8.95
Eyewitness on Omaha Beach
Dr. Harold Baumgarten
ISBN 1-57087-037-3
Price: $12.95
Robert Beauchamp
ISBN: 1-57087-062-4
Price: $25.00
Thirteen is My Lucky Number
Bill C. Biega
ISBN: 1-57087-204-x
Price: $21.95
Mill Hill Pilot
Lt.Col. William J. Glanton
ISBN 1-57087-375-5
Price: $23.95
Counterspy Mission in WWII
Bradley Vaughn
ISBN: 1-880365-57-x
Price: $12.95
Subpoena George Bush
A. Caleb & D.E. Slaton
ISBN: 1-880365-60-x
Price: $18.95
A Family's Portrait
Mwezi A. Dafina
ISBN: 1-57087-342-9
Price: $19.95
The Gray Lions
Sam DiGuiseppe
ISBN: 1-57087-346-1
Price: $12.95
Kerouac: Visions of Rocky Mount
John J. Dorfner
ISBN: 0-934953-29-5
Price: $9.95
Approaches to The Future
Erwin W. Fellows
ISBN: 1-880365-43-x
Price: $12.95
A Place Called Cactus
Buddy Furlow
ISBN: 1-57087-228-7
Price: $19.95
Reflections at 75
Henry P. Gaewsky
ISBN: 1-880365-17-0
Price: $5.95
The Acorn and the Tree
Margaret Glasscock
ISBN: 1-57087-322-4
Price: $6.75
History of Sullivan County
J.E. Guinlan & D.M. Gold
ISBN: 0-9636097-0-x
Price: $19.95
The Goose Holds The Key
Bill Higgins
ISBN: 1-883405-01-7
Price: $8.95
We Kept Them Flying
David H. Hinton
ISBN: 1-57087-393-3
Price: $10.00
Taking Care
William Hollingsworth, M.D.
ISBN: 1-57087-038-1
Price: $22.00
Tales By "A Few Good" Marines
Capt. G. W. Howe
ISBN: 1-880365-11-1
Price: $8.00
The Snowflaker
Bill Kachler
ISBN: 1-880365-38-3
Price: $16.95
Wonder What Happened to Randolph Scott?
Jack B. Kellam
ISBN: 1-57087-219-8
Price: $35.00
Ettore Majorana & The Atomic Bomb
Joseph LaLumia
ISBN: 1-880365-67-7
Price: $12.95
Our Blood and His Guts
Eugene W. Luciano
ISBN: 1-57087-187-6
Price: $20.00
War Patrols of USS Flasher
William R. McCants
ISBN: 1-57087-054-3
Price: $27.00
Just a Country Boy
Evelyn McQueen Cook
ISBN: 1-57087-337-2
Price: $19.95
An African's View of the American Society
Robert 0. Owolabi
ISBN: 1-57087-227-9
Price: $11.95
Precious Mother, Precious Crown
F. Calvin Parker
ISBN: 1-57087-343-7
Price: $15.95
Agatha Christie: The Unknown Assyrian
Basil K. Pius
ISBN: 0-9638003-4-5
Price: $8.00
Gays in the Sanctuary
Christian Power
ISBN: I-57087-010-1
Price: $12.95
Hut Two
Warren Rangnow
ISBN: 1-57087-076-4
Price: $15.95
The Noble Trlnity
Tinsley Grey Sammons
ISBN: 1-57087-210-4
Price: $11.95
Grambling: My Years in Drama and Speech Revisited, 1938-1978
Floyd L. Sandle, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1-57087-402-6
Price: $21.50
Defenses of Narragansett Bay in WWII
Walter K. Schroder
ISBN: 0-917012-22-4
Price: $9.95
Tom Paine... America Disowned
J. W. Skelton, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1-880365-96-0
Price: $9.95
Etta "Granny" Nichols: Last of the Old-Timey Midwives
Sharon Smith-Ledford
ISBN: 1-57087-363-1
Price: $19.95
Every Road Leads Home
Jules C. Spach
ISBN: 1-57087-284-8
Price: $22.50
Sailing the Three Rivers to the Title: Pittsburgh's 1971 Voyage of the Pirate Ship
Gregory S. Spalding
ISBN: 1-57087-013-6
Price: $10.00
Life and Experiences on the LST-556
Al Urie
ISBN: 1-880365-75-8
Price: $12.95
Clear the Line
Laura-Louise Veress
ISBN: 1-57087-207-1
Price: $24.95
In Four Houses and Out
Donald L. Weisman
ISBN: 1-57087-341-0
Price: $21.95
Paradise Purchased Paradise Promised
Brett White
ISBN: 1-880365-53-7
Price: $24.95
My Life
Edward C. Williams
ISBN: 1-57087-418-2
Price: $12.95
Journey Into Diplomacy
Leaford C. Williams
ISBN: 1-57087-286-4
Price: $23.00
That Reminds Me
Daniel Wit
ISBN: 1-57087-329-1
Price: $15.95
The Truth about Radiation Accidents
Paul Zimmerman
ISBN: 0-9634857-0-9
Price: $20.00

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