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Featured Books

The Thoughts of a Common Man:
Poems of Wisdom, Dreams, Reality

George B. Berry

This volume of twenty poems reveals the heart and mind of a man who thinks the best part of life is working hard, taking care of family, being a good model for your children, and caring about your fellow man. George Berry sees unfair treatment for blacks in many areas of life, but he chooses to focus on the most meaningful parts of life. His upbeat message is that we all must help ourselves and strive to be the best we can be. It also matters what kind of example we're setting .

From The Thoughts of a Common Man...
Any kind of correction you want to give your kids, Correct yourself first, and they will change their course, Because all of your children are in you. If you sow bad - they will do bad. If you sow good - they will do good. Watch, look and listen, and you will see. You cannot preach unless you practice what you preach.

George Berry grew up in Clairton, Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh. In addition to working 29 years in the steel industry, he has been a singer, a welterweight boxing champion and a restauranteur. He is donating his proceeds from the book to benefit the poor.

Poems of Wisdom, Dreams, Reality

George B. Berry
82 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-497-2
Price: $9.99 +2.51 s&h
PO Box 34 Clairton PA 15025
(888) 946-0816

or Andrea Bleil
500 E. Brucetow Rd., #804
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

A Study of Ideas That Created Twenty-First Century Man

Myles Greene

This collection of essays offers a revealing insight into the causes and effects that have created what we are today...and what we will become in the new millennium. Seldom has an author approached his subject with more understanding and intuitive knowledge than Myles Greene. In his Essays he expounds serious thought, psychology, metaphysics and philosophy.

Among the topics in Essays are:

A leading scholar of religion, philosophy and political ideas, Myles Greene has engaged over the years in diverse literary activities. In these essays, Greene explores many aspects of Man's being, laying out his premises in surprising, thought-provoking ways.

A Study of Ideas That Created Twenty-First Century Man

Myles Greene
190 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-893994-00-7
Price: $12.95
Greenview Publications (attn: Leo Macarow)
7358 N. Odell
Chicago IL 60631
(773) 774-5284

Liberty and Understanding
Gabriel J. Martin

Liberty and Understanding offers a collection of college essays ranging from philosophy to history. The modern world is one in which we find ourselves able to exercise freedoms in a variety of ways. Television, radio and the telephone have always allowed wide expression of ideas, but such freedom seems to have exploded in the late 1990s with the Internet. But liberty has obligations and consequences, too. Such increased liberty demands a more complete understanding of the implications of communication in the new media. Liberty and Understanding ventures to explore the ramifications of complete freedom in communication.

From Liberty and Understanding...

[N]ational catastrophes do not bring us together, they do not encourage us to trust our neighbor; these catastrophes divide community. What heals is the act of talking.... Part of our responsibility to community and family is to share feelings derived from common experiences with each other.

Gabriel J. Martin was born in Santa Rosa, California, but grew up in Tacoma, Washington. Raised by his grandmother, Martin was a National Merit Finalist and played running back for his high school. He attended Yale University and Summer School in History at the University of Cambridge in England.

Gabriel J. Martin
90 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-443-3
Price: $10
402 North J Street
Tacoma WA 98403
(253) 627-9200

Echoes of The Mind
Markos Moschos

Here, in a unique collection of poems dedicated to romance, love, aspirations, and hope, are unusual interplays of love mismatched, unrequited love, love finally fulfilled, and love adorned with hope. And these are only a few of the many themes that will entice and beckon the reader. These poems are almost spiritual in their desire for uncovering the eternal truths about life, living, happiness, depression and all the myriad feelings one experiences in a lifetime. To readers who seek some restful answers to problems, or those with problems helped by romantic interludes, this book will surely be a welcome change. It is an excellent gift to the young married couple or the older couple celebrating a long history of living together. Markos Moschos was born in Egypt of Greek parents. At age 18, he joined the Merchant Marine as deck apprentice and rose through the ranks to become a master mariner. Captain Moschos presently resides in East Northport, New York, with his wife and two daughters. In addition to writing, he enjoys traveling and gourmet cooking.

Markos Moschos
160 pages, hardcover
ISBN 1-57087-392-5
Price: $14.95
Dorian Publishing, Inc.
P0 Box 1094
East Northport, NY 11731-4123
(516) 266-1711
(516) 266-1136 (fax)

Featured Books

Unheard Melodies
Lolete Falck Barlow
ISBN: 1-57087-256-2
Price: $10.95
Psalms of Prophecy
Sallie R. Brooker
ISBN: 1-57087-396-8
Price: $18.95
Outcasts & Foundlings
William Bundy
ISBN: 1-57087-345-3
Price: $8.95
A Prairie Soul: Poems
Hazel Clawson Crosswhite
ISBN: 1-57087-373-9
Price: $12.95
Selected Poetry
Charles Ede
ISBN: 1-880365-02-2
Price: $7.95
A Poetic Calm After Desert Storm
Ron Rockwell Hansen
ISBN: 0-9630108-1-6
Price: $14.95
Forty Different Words for Love
Gina Lebowitz
ISBN: 1-57087-233-3
Price: $4.95
Branches of Poetry
Myrtle Lee
ISBN: 1-57087-009-8
Price: $9.95
Letter to Christopher Columbus
Carlos Moreno
ISBN: 1-880365-55-3
Price: $4.95
Rose Petals in the Wind
Markos Moschos
ISBN: 1-57087-364-X
Price: $18.95
Echoes of the Mind
Markos Moschos
ISBN: 1-57087-392-5
Price: $14.95
The Heart of the Lion Tamer
Patrick B. Mullen
ISBN: 0-9628594-7-8
Price: $7.95
Piccione's Pizzeria
R.C. Piccione
ISBN: 1-57087-283-X
Price: $9.95
Memory Time in Rhyme
Ida C. Reilinger
ISBN: 1-57087-296-1
Price: $9.95
The Persian Nightingale in a Cage
Shmuel Shoshani
ISBN: 1-57087-364-X
Price: $18.95
Something Inside of Me
Reginald D. Woods
ISBN: 1-57087-170-1
Price: $5.95
Touch Me in the Morning
Reginald Woods
ISBN: 1-880365-81-2
Price: $4.95
Pending Calamity Hovers Over America
Madelyn Yanchyshyn
ISBN: 1-57087-369-0
Price: $7.95
It Could Be Verse
Jack Yourman
ISBN: 1-57087-020-9
Price: $10.95

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