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Featured Books

The Inheritance and Use of Summer Houses

Judith Huggins Balfe
A family summer house can be the repository of generations of family experiences. It simultaneously can be the source of great family discord as new generations increase family size and diversity. Judith Huggins Balfe, a professional sociologist and summer house heir, has interviewed 125 families who share time and ownership at family summer homes in 18 states and Canada. Her book is a professional assessment of the various factors that determine the parameters of summer house inheritance, and their consequences for both families and individuals. These include differences of social class or status, and issues of authority over the summer house and the legacy it preserves. In separate chapters, Balfe describes several family roles and organizing structures. She also explains a variety of formal, legal arrangements, suggests mediation principles, and presents some tested methods of fair division of time at the summer house. Using scores of interview excerpts, she illustrates the difficulties and solutions multi-generational families have had with family summer houses. Each situation is unique, but how relatives perceive legacy, stewardship and family commitment will determine how successful is the passing on of summer houses.

The Inheritance and Use of Summer Houses
Judith Huggins
Balfe Pocomo Press, 1999
292 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-486-7
Price: $22.50
Heartland Distributors
RR2 189B
Susquehanna PA 18847

The Ownership and Use of Summer Houses

Ken Huggins and Judith Huggins Balfe

Ken Huggins and his sister, Judith Huggins Balfe, know firsthand about inheriting a family summer home. They inherited their family's Nantucket cottage with two other siblings and experienced some of the misunderstanding and resentment often stirred up by a legacy that several individuals - perhaps not like-minded individuals - must share. Despite their father's careful estate planning, they were confronted with unexpected problems with the house and their relationships. Huggins and Balfe, who are both college professors, draw upon their experience in writing this workbook to show how family members can understand each other better and deal with their joint inheritance of a summer home. Beginning with two extended scenarios, they discuss how family members' differences in geographic location, financial status and family authority affect how individuals feel about any arrangement. They outline pitfalls of informal agreements, and explain formal ownership and use agreements, such as trusts, partnerships, associations and corporations. To help family members come to agreements, they offer a list of issues to be addressed in a working agreement, with ideas for how to go about developing a formal agreement. Use of this book will go a long way to avoid a heartbreaking family rupture.

The Ownership and Use of Summer Houses
Ken Huggins and Judith Huggins Balfe
Pocomo Press, 1999
64 pages, spiral bound
ISBN 1-57087-488-3
Price: $7.50
Heartland Distributors
RR2, Box 189B
Susquehanna PA 18847

How to Make Your Baby More Intelligent
You Can Boost Your Child's Brain Power and I.Q.

F. Thomas Giambattista, Maria Battista Kerle, Julie Battista Knight, M.Ed.

How a parent nurtures a child unquestionably affects the child's potential. This book, covering the first five years of a child's development, provides useful information designed to help all parents maximize their children's intellectual potential. The authors discuss the special characteristics and challenges of exceptional, gifted and disabled children, and suggest options in the difficult decisions about child care and how much television to watch.

"Although this book is filled with psychological, sociological and philosophical concepts and studies, all parents will find it not only interesting and useful, but easy to read and understand."
- Lisa Maddox-Hoover, Librarian

This book is the work of a brother and two sisters. After the birth of Maria Battista Kerle's son, all three became absorbed with his stages of development. This interest, coupled with their degrees in education, served them well in the development of their book.

You Can Boost Your Child's Brain Power and I.Q.
F. Thomas Giambattista, Maria Battista Kerle, Julie Battista Knight
318 pages, hard cover
ISBN 0-9667449-0-X
Price: $24.95
Marjuto Publishing Co.
1719 West End Ave. (Ste. 621W)
Nashville TN 37203

Caribbean Schools in Crisis
Dr. Beverly Merrill

Schools throughout the Caribbean are in serious crisis. The impact of cable television, the rising rate of single parenthood, intellectual decline of boys and young men, teaching methods no longer relevant to the current culture, individualism and isolation, and disrespect for teachers are among the factors that are causing problems in education. Dr. Beverly Merrill, an educator from Antigua, analyzes the alarming state of schools across the Caribbean. She describes conditions leading to school failure and sets a bold agenda to restructure the schools and reclaim the children from failure and undiscipline.This book is a passionate cry to provide children with the best possible education, even in less than ideal circumstances. Merrill outlines her case with a litany of societal problems that stem from the weakening of home discipline, and the deterioration of the schools, as seen in overcrowded classes and decreasing financial support. She suggests ways that these problems can be overcome, beginning with developing an effective school discipline and counseling program. She also offers a format for classroom management that will allow the teachers to spend more time teaching and less time maintaining order. Equally important is an effort spent to develop a rapport with the students in order to communicate with them more effectively.

Dr. Beverly Merrill
90 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-422-0
Price: $7.95
Dr. Beverly Merrill
PO Box 1206
St. Johns, Antigua West Indies

Hammer 'Em:
The Real Truth About Selling

Brian Z. Wainer

This straightforward, no-nonsense book will teach the new, the weak and the mediocre salesperson how to think, how to act, and what to say to get the sale. Brian Z. Wainer has been in sales and training for more than 33 years and has been the top salesperson in every company he has worked for. He has sold toys, sporting goods, photocopiers, answering machines and blue jeans, among other things, and has trained legions of sales people who want his kind of sales success. Wainer has distilled his years of experience - hits and misses - into a dynamic treatise that will power up the efforts of salespeople in any field. Hammer 'Em illustrates the things that are the same in every sales call, and teaches how to manage all the factors that might prevent a successful close. Chapters titles include: Prospecting, The Opening, The Product or the Price, Negotiating, Wishful Selling, Desperation Selling, Reorders, Mistakes and Callbacks, Belief, Anatomy of a Failure, and Keep Opening, Keep Selling. Wainer's energetic, humorous style and his lively stories will motivate any salesperson to higher levels of achievement. Never stop prospecting, and when you find those prospects - hammer 'em!

The Real Truth About Selling

Brian Z. Wainer
108 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57074-412-2
Price: $12.95
Marketing International, Inc.
7160 Americana Parkway
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
(614) 864-0220

The Nanny Crisis in America:
The Abandoned Children

Amarachi Ruth

The number of children who are being raised by nannies, or any kind of in-home child-caretaker, is on the rise. Though these children are having their physical needs taken care of, they have, in effect, been abandoned by their parents. The Nanny Crisis in America: The Abandoned Children analyzes the root causes of the problem American children are engulfed in. Author Amarachi Ruth first points to feminism in the second half of the 20th century as the catalyst for generations of children being raised by others. Feminism encouraged women to seek work outside the home as a way to maximize their own potential. Feminism has made it seem that women who stay home with their young children are failures. Yet, a nation's cultural values are passed on from parent to child in the home. When American children are being raised by nannies, and often foreign nannies, it threatens to reshape American culture and society. The Nanny Crisis: The Abandoned Children is a thought-provoking book that offers solutions to this dilemma.

The Abandoned Children
Amarachi Ruth
256 pages, hard cover
ISBN 0-9663549-7-4
Price: $19.95
PO Box 2060
Santa Monica CA 90406

Stop the Nightmares of Trauma
Thought Field Therapy, The Power Therapy for the 21st Century

Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D., and Joanne Callahan, MBA

Survivors of emotional trauma can now be freed quickly of nightmares, persistent anxiety and depression through a technique called Thought Field Therapy. Developed by psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, this simple technique allows the client to remember the traumatic event just as clearly as before, but without any of the accompanying emotional distress. He and his wife, Joanne Callahan, explain why the traumas have power to haunt us and how the distress can be eliminated in Stop the Nightmares of Trauma: Thought Field Therapy, The Power Therapy for the 21st Century. Dr. Callahan for 30 years used conventional psychology techniques with clients who showed post-traumatic stress syndrome, but few showed even minimal reduction in their distress. Those who did took years to feel any diminishing of their symptoms. When he first stumbled across the techniques in 1980, both he and his clients were surprised at how effective they were"results both quick and permanent. He has since spent 20 years researching, improving and teaching his Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy.

Thought Field Therapy
The Power Therapy for the 21st Century
Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D., and Joanne Callahan, MBA
334 pages, softbound
ISBN 1-57087-505-7
Price: $24.95
Thought Field Therapy Training Center
78-816 Via Carmel
La Quinta CA 92253
(760) 564-1925

Under the Sea of Cortez
Early Underwater Exploration and Spearfishing
George Tsegeletos

Spearfishing, abalone gathering, and lobster grabbing were the primary interests of most early underwater pioneers of California. Under the Sea of Cortez is the lively, and in parts terrifying, account of ten years' travel to and exploration of the lower portion of Baja California and the sea island between the Baja and Mexico's west coast. Author George Tsegeletos' diving club set out to explore a little of the Sea of Cortez and were thrilled at their first shark sightings. Over time, they gained confidence and knowledge of sharkholes until they sought out the sharks to swim among them. Tsegeletos' underwater filming led to production of two documentaries and a feature film for the California Academy of Sciences. His popular adventure film, "Awake the Cold Iron," won several awards. George Tsegeletos was raised in the San Francisco Bay area. He began SCUBA diving in 1954 and continues to this day.

Under the Sea of Cortez
Early Underwater Exploration and Spearfishing
George Tsegeletos
112 pages, hardcover
ISBN 1-57087-389-5
Price: $23.95
20662 Pueblo Avenue
Sonoma, CA 95476-7924
(709) 935-4431

Featured Books

How to Adopt Your Baby Privately
Christine Adamec, Editor
ISBN: 1-881962-02-04
Price: $11.95
What About Flying?
Ronald Adams
ISBN: 0-963-73070-3
Price: $8.95
Caribbean Trivia
Chaitram Aklu
ISBN: 1-880365-39-1
Price: $7.95
A Simple Solution to Finding A Job!
Gina & Darryl Arnold
ISBN: 1-57087-032-2
Price: $9.95
Give What You Didn't Get
David Bach
ISBN: 1-57087-423-9
Price: $13.95
Passionate Deaths: Assassinations in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Ceretta H. Rayan Baldwin
ISBN: 1-57087-222-8
Price: $19.95
The Aerodynamics of the Unconventional Air Vehicles
Henry V. Borst
ISBN: 1-57087-427-1
Price: $25.00
The Travellers' Guide to Sports Halls of Fame & Museums
Tom Blanchfield and Jerry Snyder
ISBN: 0-9639696-0-9
Price: $13.95
Laurence Carr
ISBN: 0-88687-766-0
Price: $8.95
America's Unnecessary Defense Risks
Colonel Ray Costabile
ISBN: 1-57087-324-0
Price: $19.95
Hear Well Again
Michael Craine
ISBN: 1-880365-76-6
Price: $19.00
Rollover, Mona Lisa
Theresa M. Danna
ISBN: 0-9631074-0-2
Price: $6.95
Biennial Flight Review Guide
Michael Dempsey
ISBN: 1-880365-77-4
Price: $12.95
Professional Instrument Flight Review Guide
Michael Dempsey
ISBN: 1-57087-067-5
Price: $16.95
Film Financing: Independent Producers
J. Nichols D'Uva
ISBN: 0-57087-008-x
Price: $12.95
Getting Him, Keeping Him, Making it Work
C. Figueroa-Faxton
ISBN: 09636553-0-2
Price: $14.95
Appropriating Old Cultures into New Futures
Geraldine Cynthia FortZ, Ed.D.
ISBN: 1-57087-082-9
Price: $16.95
Wit in English
Paul Joel Freeman
ISBN: 1-57087-300-3
Price: $15.00
Cobranzas y Cartas de Credito
Kenneht J. Gross
ISBN: 1-57087-403-4
Price: $39.00
Success Through Self-Awareness
Johnnie Haygood, Sr.
ISBN: 1-9603816-0-0
Price: $3.50
Change the Picture
Yu Cheng Huang
ISBN: 1-892686-00-7
Price: $18.00
Think the Good Thing
Yu Cheng Huang
ISBN: 1-892686-01-5
Price: $20.00
Taming the Scorpion
William C. Jeffries
ISBN: 1-57087-287-2
Price: $25.00
The Caboose Tenants
Adeline L. Levin-Kite
ISBN: 0-9654486-0-6
Price: $6.95
Scholars On Parade
David A. Lockmiller
ISBN: 1-57087-002-0
Price: $15.95
Financially Correct
Amir Massumi
ISBN: 1-57087-320-8
Price: $14.95
Military Handguns of France
Eugene Medlin & Jean Huon
ISBN: 1-880677-02-4
Price: $21.95
Divorce, Humor Me
Karla Minnick
ISBN: 1-880365-16-2
Price: $6.50
Intimate Encounters Creating Healthy Relationships
Bonnye G. Pardo
ISBN: 0-9645437-0-2
Price: $10.00
A Basic Guide to Homestead Farming
Herbert Phillips
ISBN: 1-880365-34-0
Price: $14.95
The Planet, Humanity and the Albino/Aryan/European World Order
Donald E. Ramsey
ISBN: 1-9663137-0-4
Price: $18.00
Order Out of Chaos
John T. Reeve, CPA
ISBN: 1-57087-205-8
Price: $5.95
Mentoring and the Rites of Passage for Youth
Ralph Steele, B.A., M.Div., L.M.S.W.
ISBN: 1-57087-408-5
Price: $10.95
107 Ways Your Mate May Be Cheating
R. Estel Taylor
ISBN: 1-57087-367-4
Price: $14.95
The Unofficial Softball Handbook
Robin Tolleson
ISBN: 1-57087-309-9
Price: $8.95
Under the Sea of Cortez
George Tsegeletos
ISBN: 1-57087-389-5
Price: $23.95
Trading Steps
Alicia Robbins Vasquez
ISBN: 1-27087-33-0-X
Price: $24.95
Radical Systems Development
J Russell Robinson
ISBN: 1-57087-105-1
Price: $34.95
Living Intentionally
John J. Schmidt
ISBN: 0-962-6185-4-3
Price: $9.95
Depression Be Gone
Alyce Bartholomew Soden
ISBN: 1-57087-203-1
Price: $10.95
Curing America
Amol Soin
ISBN: 1-57087-314-3
Price: $9.95
The Easy Way
Jerry Sokol
ISBN: 1-880365-89-8
Price: $9.95
Discover the World of Trucking
John H. Ware
ISBN: 1-880365-31-6
Price: $12.95
No Secrets to Success
Dr. Michael V. Wilkins, Sr.
ISBN: 1-57087-261-9
Price: $14.95
Countries & Cultures of the World, Then & Now
Wesley M. Wilson
ISBN: 1-57087-302-X, 1-57087-303-8, 1-57087-304-6
Price: $21.95 per volume; $47.95 for all three
Five Languages Made Simpler
Wesley M. Wilson
ISBN: 1-57087-307-0
Price: $19.95
Why Should I Nurse My Baby?
Pamela K. Wiggins
ISBN: 0-9623529-7-7
Price: $4.95
The Anglican Shakespeare: Elizabethan Orthodoxy in the Great Histories
Daniel L. Wright
ISBN: 1-880365-94-4
Price: $21.95

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