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Seven Rules That Make Your Memoir Enjoyable and Readable

Every life is interesting. But describing that interesting life can be disappointingly boring if not written with an eye to interest the reader. Professional Press has been helping people write their memoirs for over thirty years.

During that time, we have developed seven rules that, if followed, will make your memoir a book that people will enjoy reading. Here are those rules:

  1. Although everyone's life is chronological, from birth to old age, it is not necessary to write your memoir in chronological order. Begin your book with the most dangerous, most important, or most life-changing experience you can recall. Write it as thoroughly as you can. Explain why it was so dangerous, or important, or life-changing. It should be action-filled with emotion and physical dangers, if possible. If not than whatever emotions you feel you recall.
  2. Continue this critical part of your life, whenever it occurred, by writing about the people who were part of this experience, or recall it, or were with you when it occurred.
  3. Now you can segue into introducing yourself formally, mentioning your name and your family. This should include your wife and children. You are writing now from the point of view of the man you were before you retired.
  4. Education. Mention the early years, from public school to high school and university, including degrees, doctorates, masters, whatever. Spend time relating incidents you recall from your college life.
  5. Business. Relate how you managed to find yourself in the business you were in….or the many other businesses at that time. If you were drafted, relate the strain of the draft to your business, the theatre of operations during any of the many wars that we were involved ---from WWII, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Afghanistan and Iraq.
  6. Your spouse or multi-spouse. Go into detail about your spouse, her parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, other relatives and friends. What they mean to you…how they may have helped you.
  7. Close with your intention of retiring and mention what you are presently doing in the retirement community you presently live.

These general rules do not mean that your book will have seven chapters. On the contrary, it can be twenty to fifty chapters, depending on how you want to write your story.

If you have an outline and have written some of the material, or would like help in writing your memoir, please contact PROFESSIONAL PRESS for more information.

Unlike other companies, Professional Press will help you prepare the material at a minimal cost, help you prepare and write your memoir, and publish it to your satisfaction.

To do this correctly, you will need to use a computer to keyboard the material. If you want to write it in longhand or prefer to use a typewriters, we can work with you with that in mind. But remember, we inevitably will require the material to either be scanned into a computer or keyboarded into a computer in order to prepare proper typeset and formatted pages.

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